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Date:2006-03-23 07:07

I'm on myspace so this is where I say something derogatory about it to defend myself blahda blahda blah...

And here is a more recent picture of me:


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Date:2004-05-15 02:15
Subject:The why x file?
Mood: lazy

Dad's cheap huge reading glasses, the examination.

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Date:2004-04-29 02:16
Subject:Bowling on a Tues Night.
Mood: sleepy

Went bowling with Tom and my Mum and Dad (and another 38 people) at Hollywood Bowl at Middlebrook last night. It was some M+S thing for this girl called Laura who died a few years ago. I don't know much about it, I only went to bowl. Anyway we had to play in teams of 8 and we played 2 games. We left before the results so I don't know how well we did. Our team was 4 birds and 4 blokes. In the first game I got the highest score in our team of 120. I bowled shit in my second game so I won't discuss my score for that one. Oh the shame. Yeah so here is a picture of me bowling like a pro:

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Date:2004-04-15 00:42
Subject:I always forget about this thing...
Mood: relaxed

So I will type some stuff into this box so I feel like it's worth keeping it.

Since Friday me and Tom have been sleeping in the living room on a futon mattress. Why? It's like being on holiday only cheaper. Only not really.

We've been decorating our bedroom. We painted 2 walls with 2 coats of paint BUT we painted on wallpaper that was already there and the result in the harsh light of day looked pretty shit. So we ended up stripping all the walls the next day. Then some of the plaster came off so we had to fill that in. We're going to stick some lining paper up but I want to do it all in one day and seeing as Tom is a working boy we'll have to wait until Saturday. Then we're going to paint the lining paper a purpley colour (called burgundy leather, only it's not burgundy and it's not leather).

Tom has got next monday off work so I pray that we're all finished by then. We could have just carried on painting on the wallpaper but I know the end result wouldn't have been great and it would have annoyed me forever or for as long as we live here.

So if I remember to post in this thing again, I will post photos of the finished product and it better look bloody good.

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Date:2003-08-05 01:01
Subject:My eyes feel like marbles.
Mood: groggy

Despite the current heatwave I spent all day in bed. I was up until late faffing around on tinternet and went to bed at like 4am. I just couldn't get to sleep which is frustrating as hell. I think I finally got to sleep at about 9am and then woke up at 4.30pm. What a productive way to spend a day. Tom got home from work and he felt pretty out of it as he had woke up at 5.50am and couldn't get back to sleep. I don't think the hot weather helped too much either. I'm just thankful I don't live in London cos they're getting it even worse than us. I feel really out of it right now but I guarantee if I go to bed I won't get to sleep.

I have no idea what I'm gonna be doing tomorrow, probably nothing. UNLESS Ste rings me tomorrow and invites me on a wonderful and exciting day out. Hahaha yeah right. I'm usually the last person on his 'to ring' list. I'm hoping he will want to come and look at the new house cos that saves me a journey up to Adlington.

Yawn. Why am I always so bloody tired? Ugh.

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Date:2003-08-03 23:31
Subject:I can't think of a subject so this will have to do...
Mood: relaxed

No event. I'm back. I kept forgetting about this place. I have a diary elsewhere so in future I may just copy/paste that into here. Yes.

Quick update on me:

I am 26 in 2 months. UGH.
I now own a house with my boyfriend Tom.
We have been together for just over 2 1/2 yrs.
I have no job.
A video I made at uni made it onto the shortlist at a film festival but it didn't win owt.
My hair is now brown although not entirely natural.
I got a 2:1.

I must be very boring as I can't think of anything else to say.

Also hello to Casey if he happens to read this. *waves*

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Date:2002-05-03 19:52
Subject:So you think you're an ugly boy...
Mood: okay

...But I like the way you play.

So, my essay has been handed in and has been handed back and it need work doing on it. Quotes from other sources are needed and apparently the language in it is 'clumpy,' to quote my tutor. Bleh. At least re-writing an essay is easier than starting one. I have something to work with now rather than just a blank page staring at me, willing me to fail.

My installation piece which was meant to be simple is evolving into a much more complicated thing. My tutor keeps suggesting stuff to add to it. I could ignore her and do my own thing and get bad marks for it and still do well in the future. Or I can do what she wants (within reason and not compromising my ideas) and get good marks. The marks are quite important to me as academically I have always been very very average. I'm not thick just lazy. If I could get a 2:1, I would finally feel like I have accomplished something. something on paper to prove I can do it. It sounds daft but I need it to prove to myself I can do it. I just hope I can do it. I want a 2:1 damnit, I think I'll be really pissed off if I don't get it. But I know I'm good so fuck 'em.

I went in town with my mother today. She wanted an outfit for a wedding. She is classed as a 'larger lady' to be politically correct so it's harder to find clothes for her than your average size 12-14. It took a while but we found something in the end. I was fashion advisor with my wonderful coordination skills. Ha. It was unusual for me that I didn't buy much.

A blonde wig came for me in the post this morning though. I think I'll try it on later for a laugh. I have 2 wigs now. I need them for Tues afternoon when I'm filming my installation piece. I have to play 3 different characters which should be interesting. I'll be Eliza, Maria and Alice, made for your pleasure. I'll put the video on my website when it's done.

Me and Tom have made a silly little video for our phaser gun song. It's in the video box in the gallery section. Black and white due to it's more flattering nature. I have been told that if I wasn't cute, it would be the worst thing ever. Flattery indeed. Hmmm.

Who would you kill's forums are now all shiny new and it's all a bit weird. It's strange that everything feels different on it just because it's using new software. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'll probably post a bit more to start off with just for the novelty value. I even have an avatar now and a new name. How exciting! Well, it's moderately exciting I guess.

Ok. Bored now. Bye.

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Date:2002-04-21 16:53
Subject:It's been a while...
Mood: sleepy

I've been stressing a bit about an essay I have to write, It was meant to be done a while ago but I'm a slow lazy sod. It would have stressed me out even more to write about it, hence my abscence. Nearly there, just a conclusion, bilbliography and footnotes etc to do. Bleh. It's supposed to be around 2000 words, I hope the max allowance is 4000 as I am at 3200 already.

The phaser song has had fairly good reception. We have mad a video for it. Cheapo on the webcam in B+W. so much more flattering than colour. It's just me posing and Tom getting killed in the background. Nothing special, just an easy way to put it on my website. We are struggling to work out how to export it though. We'll probably put it into premiere or something.

We went out last night and Tom got rat-arsed. Said he wasn't that drunk but managed to lose the cloakroom tickets, not walk in a straight line, nearly fall over a wall. throw up, nearly throw up in the taxi, drop the toast I made him on the floor twice, throw up again and knock over stuff in the bedroom. Not drunk at all then obviously. He seems quite inspired by our song attempt and wants to do more which is great as he didn't seem as enthusiastic as me to start off with. Hesaid I had a great voice last night, which is the first time he's said that. He's said it's good before but never great, apparently it's quite diverse according to him. It is quite diverse, I can sing in most styles to a good standard, not fantastic but good enough. He also told me he was thinking of cutting his hair short short. Oooo. I was like, have it spiky and messy with blonde highlights that'd look cool and funky. Not sure if he'll listen to me but I know my shit so he better had. Heh.

Going to try and finish essay from hell somtime today. Whoopdedoo. I have to get in touch with my tutor which I'm dreading. Bullshit mode activated. Sheilds on. Zap!

I'm tired and can't be arsed writing much more, although I have lots to say. I may go and join Tom in bed for a much needed nap.....

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Date:2002-04-08 23:40
Subject:The last post meant nothing.
Mood: amused

Nothing at all, absoutely nada.

Here is my scary phaser song:

Laura and Tom - Set to Stun

Listen, enjoy, be mentally scarred for life....

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Date:2002-04-08 19:10
Subject:Say what...

So here we go again sick as shit in this bottomless pit feeling tired feeling blunt all the while we sit and stink and think and hear the noises we once never knew existed and I am just huddled up inside these lies and waiting for a ray of something yellow and warm to melt the ice I left inside.


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Date:2002-04-08 01:33
Subject:Phaser set to stun!
Mood: lethargic

I set the alarm for 1pm because there was a prog I wanted to watch. It made not a peep, stupid broken alarm clock, I definitely set it right. We were up late on Saturday night making beautiful music together, very very late.

We went for a drive up to Rivi and watched all the bikers showboating. Then we went for a walk and stopped on a hill. It was sunny again, which I am still having trouble adjusting to. I took my phaser gun and zapped some sheep and we sat and talked and smoked and I finished the lyrics to my song. Then we went back down the hill and headed for home as I was all inspired like.

We hadn't eaten so I recorded my vocals and then made a curry. Tom sat upstairs and fiddled with fruity loops to try and get it all to sound right. We ate and then Tom went and fiddled some more. I went back upstairs later and re-recorded my vocals as they weren't quite right. We messed around with the song for a bit and then decided to call it quits for the night before it started to do our heads in.

I have wanted to be in a band forever and once got the opportunity but it was a shit band and the lead singer was a wanker so I got the sack. Oh nosssss! That was a while ago. Tom plays instruments and knows a bit about music so we downloaded some music packages and messed around on Saturday night. tom played his acoustic guitar and I was just making up crap to go along with it. Then I sang something we both kinda liked so we decided to record it. It is inspired by the powerpuff girls and my fantabulous phaser gun. See how sexy it is:

We are about halfway through our excellent and very silly song. Watch out my friends it may be me you next see on MTV. Aha, YES!

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Date:2002-04-04 16:38
Subject:Oh me, oh my, there's a light in the sky.....
Mood: sleepy

It took me ages to get to sleep last night so I am fairly sure I have only had a few hours in the land of nod. Big yawn. I keep sneezing, must be because it's sunny. Sun, in Bolton, it's all gone wrong I tells ya. Ah lovely sunshine, damn the atishoo's though.

I got my custom made t-Shirt today. Yip! A nice bit of advertising for my website:

I bought a strange red print shirt, some baggy combats for summer and some huge huge bell bottom jeans all from River Island, which cost me the princely sum of �76. I haven't bought any clothes in ages though...that's how I make myself feel better about it anyway. I also purchased a powerpuff girls Easter egg and McDuff Easter egg for Tom. All the Easter eggs in woolies were half price. Yay for half price. God damn I love bargains, I'm so cheap!

Me and my mum had a chat about this and about that. I told her about my best mate ste's mate Wayne - who I also know fairly well- confused much? Anyway, he has been put into a high security mental patients ward. He has tried escaping 3 times and succeeded once, the police found him walking along the grass verge at the side of the road and he punched one of them to try and get away, fortunately - or not, for him - they took him back to the hospital. He thinks he is the Messiah, the second coming. I haven't seen him but Ste has and he says that he just talks about saving the world and that when he has solved all the world problems he and his 'wife' will live in eternal bliss.

Wayne is only 22 and he got married in 2000 to a girl he didn't know very well, she had BDD and he married her to make her feel more secure, she went a bit funny on him after a few months and then just started to ignored him. He was already unstable so I don't think that helped, then a few weeks ago he got his divorce paper through which we reckon was probably the catalyst for his breakdown. He took a shitload of drugs and then lost it big time. I hope he will be ok, mainly for his families sake as he doesn't even realise he is ill.

There has been a few times when I thought I was losing it. I actually thought I was going mad at some points in my life but I hope I never go that far. That's pretty scary stuff. Unless he really is the messiah. Hmmmm.

I am quite tired now so I may have a nap to get my energy back, only thing is that my naps usually end up being about 5 hours long. I will prevail! I'll update later if I think of anything interesting. Unlikely....

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Date:2002-04-03 22:07
Subject:2nd post!!!!
Mood: okay

Today has been fairly uneventful. My body has just started to recover from the unbearable period pains that I had yesterday that kept me in bed all day. I felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach and other such nastiness. I hate being a girl sometimes. All men should have to go through PMS and period pains just once in their lives so they can understand the shit that we have to go through every sodding month. Moan. Moan. Moan.

We have MOULD! Tom at this very moment cleaning the wall of our bedroom with detergent to try and get rid of it, while I sit here and do nothing. I guess men aren't too bad after all, well some of them. I think some of the wallpaper may have to do a strip tease. Damn that sexy wallpaper.

I am meeting my mum in Town tomorrow , we will probably get eats and shop. I'd like to buy a life please, preferably one that doesn't involve me being a paranoid, insecure, whining old cow. Ta. The anti-depressants seem to have calmed me down a bit, I only bitch once a day now and I don't throw things or bang my head against stuff anymore. Woo! The downsides are that my joints i.e., elbows and knees get really hot and I sleep far too much and oh the best one is that I have no sex drive anymore, huzzah!

Anyway, I haven't got much more to say because I am boring. The End.

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Date:2002-04-03 20:24
Subject:First post!!!
Mood: confused

First Post!!!!

Well what can I say??? Testing! Testing! I just want to see how this damn thing works.

My the excitement.

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